Social Computing and Media

Issuer: UCD School of Info and Communication Studies

Working with the module coordinator for Social Computing & Media, this project aims to address a lack of lab/tutorial time available to drive the 108 students completing this module to explore a number of different social networks and digital tools. A suite of 12 digital badges will be offered, designed to encourage students to develop digital skills such as using social networks, online collaboration and building wikis. In addition, students are expected to learn how to use various tools including Prezi, MIT App Inventor, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress.

While the criteria for each individual badge varies, students are typically required to complete online self-study material on using and managing their digital tools, and later demonstrate that they have completed some assigned introductory-level activities using these tools in a lab or tutorial setting. Students who complete all activities and receive all badges will receive a final mastery-level badge.

All badges will be issued through the Open Badge Factory. The first set of 8 badges were awarded to students in February, with the second set of badges and the Mastery badge due for award at the beginning of April.