ReelLIFE SCIENCE , is a novel science video competition, run in Irish primary and secondary schools, which aims to promote Science in the classroom and beyond, by inviting students to produce a short video communicating a scientific topic in an engaging and entertaining way. A panel of volunteers (science professionals) review the videos, passing on the shortlisted videos to a set of judges who decide on the winners.

ReelLife Science, which is based at NUI Galway, has been running successfully over a number of years. It is of course a collaborative initiative, which relies on the work of its volunteers,  along with the active participation of students / teachers to succeed.  Based on feedback from these stakeholders, who requested a means of showcasing their involvement, it was decided to recognise and reward their participation and achievements via digital badges.

A set of six badges were developed, under the headings of ‘challenger’, ‘shortlisted, ‘third place’, second place’, ‘winner’ and ‘volunteer’, all with accompanying criteria and descriptions. Badges have been issued to participants over the last two years of the competition. In 2015, 150 digital badges were awarded, via Open Badge Factory, to those involved in the ReelLife Science competition.