Online Teaching

As part of an international consortium of universities, NUI Galway participated in the development of peer-reviewed resources to support courses in ‘online teaching’ aimed at academic staff. These materials ( , whilst copyrighted to Epigeum (the facilitator of the consortium) can be used in a variety of contexts by the partner institutions. In NUIG they form the core content of a full 10 ECTS postgraduate level module, taught via the institution’s VLE by members of the Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching.

The module is divided into a number of distinct blocks which are self-contained and which have clearly expressed learning outcomes and a set of associated assessments.  Satisfactory completion of the assessments results in the issuing of a digital bade for that Block and as participants progress through the module they can acquire a complete set. It is also possible for others to take individual blocks rather than the whole module, in which case, satisfactory completion of the appropriate assessments sees the award of the relevant badge.