It’s been a little while since our last blog post. We’ve been busy and so have many of you who kindly have been contributing ideas, pointing us to shareable resources and participating in various events. Thank you, once again for your support.

UCD Launch(1) Student Partnership Projects.

We’re absolutely delighted to have supported the launch of two significant student partnership projects in the past couple of weeks:  UCD’s Digital Ambassadors and NUIG’s Digital Champions. These initiatives, (combined with experience of ‘ambassador’ type schemes in other institutions) will lead to the development of a toolkit for running such schemes in any institution (and please let us know if you’d like us to help you get started) and which will help us identify more clearly student needs and indeed tap into some of that wonderful creativity and passion which many of them have been ably demonstrating.


(2) Badges galore!   We’ve been developing, designing, issuing and evaluating badges, drafting guidelines and testing out different combinations of software for each stage of the process. Some of the applications thus far include:

  • Science outreach (see the ReelLife Science badge below)ReelLife_Volunteer15
  • Study skills – linking with existing training materials
  • Aspects of academic practice – such as Compiling a Teaching Portfolio, Peer Observation of Teaching, Independent Student Feedback and Teaching Awards
  • Contributing towards the emerging CPD framework for academic staff
  • Components of credit-bearing courses such as NUIG’s CEL6102 Teaching Online
  • Student mentors, ambassadors and champions (more of this later!)
  • Fire safety and other general ‘staff training’

We’ll be compiling a short report alongside practical guidelines for using badges in higher education and will let you know when that becomes available as well as when we’ll provide a new season of training sessions and workshops. In the meantime if you’re interested in badging and haven’t yet passed on your contact details, please do so now and we’ll be in touch!